A town football club has been sponsored by a new firm moving in nearby, seeing their ground take a different name as part of the deal.

Chairman of Fakenham Town FC, Doug Colman, said he was very pleased with the sponsorship, which will see the club's grounds titled the Daly Group Stadium.

He said: "Sponsorship deals are hard to come by at times like these. To have a nearby business work with us in this way is a breath of fresh air. The people I have met from the company have been 100pc behind us.

"We try to welcome clubs as we would wish to be welcomed, and it takes money. We have to meet those costs through sponsorship and fundraising, and I can only foresee the club getting larger.

"We have always had good people behind the club, and this seems like a positive relationship for both of us."

Mr Colman was also pleased by the company offering younger players the opportunity to interview for apprenticeship roles with them.

Ian Hudson, Daly Group's commercial director, said: "We will be taking on apprentices from the community, and particularly giving opportunities to interview for those in the football team who might want it."

Over the last few weeks, the Daly Group has moved into a new head office in Clipbush Business Park, close to the club's grounds. Mr Hudson, said: "It's early days for us here, but the club is somewhere we saw we can make a lot of difference quite easily.

"We're not just doing this and then running off, we want to help them where ever they need it. I'd like to be sitting here in ten years time and see them out of the window.

"They're a really good group of people there, with some really committed volunteers and this is a long term commitment to them."

On the Daly Group's move to Fakenham, Mr Hudson was enthusiastic. He said: "We've been looking for the right area for four years, and we've made a large investment. It's a good area to work from, some of us have cut of our journey times in half compared to when we were in Norwich.

"Business is very good, and we are expanding. This new office gives us future-proofing and the room to do it. Really, we're just happy to be here."

As part of the move, eight new jobs were created across the company's projects covering East Anglia.

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